Corporate information  

The HESI Ltd. has operated as a traditional bakery in the region in the form of company since 1993. In the course of its activity its work is characterized by ongoing technical and product development, enterprise innovation and the pursuit of constant renewal.

The company is currently engaged in production activities in Eger and in Bélapátfalva. The delivery of daily and the long lasting products is carried out by its own car park. The transport of the chilled and quick-frozen products and export products are carried out by external partners.

There are a selection of various modern leavened bread, bakery products, fine pastries, bread crumbs and fresh and quick-frozen pastries. Among these stands out the manufacture of strudel pastries that in itself means 25 products.

The competitiveness of the company is helped by the annualy audited IFS quality management system (with high level ranking). Annualy is replaced the significant part of the products that means the company puts always modern and more marketable products on the market.

The export plays a significant role within the production turnover. It's is a good indication of the effectiveness that the volume delivered onto the Western European markets has continueosly increased in the last two decades.

The company has built up a traceability system for the products, then has been followed by a successful product development of organic and functional products and the company is presented also with diabetic products on the domestic and international food market.

The HESI Ltd. as a dominant employer of the KKV sector (small and middle-size enterprises) has got an increasing turnover and number of employees for years. Thanks to the newly developed products, the high quality and economical reliability the company could reach growth in the years affected by the crisis.

The future goal of the company is to maintain and enhance the competitiveness with further successful participation in R&D and innovation tenders. This should be achieved -in addition of higher technical content- by relying on research results and participation in EGERFOOD Regional Knowledge Centre.